Theme Static is now closed. I now help out at Olle Ota Themes, where they make the next-generation of grid and column themes.


Where can I find themes you've designed?

A lot of the themes I've designed have been remade over at Olle Ota Themes.

Here are the designs I made at Theme Static, that are now at Olle Ota Themes:

Retrospective Quadro Magazine Telpher Rubric

All these themes from Olle Ota Themes have been recoded from sratch and many, many new features have been added. As an added bonus they're now all supported by Olle Ota Themes!

Where are your old themes?

I've deleted them as I don't have the time to update or support them, and I'm sure you'd rather not use an old theme.

I need help with one of your themes!

I no longer support any of my themes. I recommend getting a sparkling new theme from the Tumblr Theme Garden.

Thanks for your support over the past years! Best wishes, @themestatic