• Modern design
  • Two column grid
  • Color + font + background image customization
  • Google Analytics support
  • Reblog and like icons
  • Infinite scroll

Rubric is a tantalizingly theme with hands-down beauty. Full-screen background images, and glossy magazine-style design are in vogue with Rubric.

Rubric packs a well-designed grid with posts occupying a modern two by two grid layout. Images shine in high-resolution, and text looks great with a large readable size.

Rubric provides ultra-customizability out of the box. Select from a special hand-picked set of Google Web Fonts, change up the color scheme and upload your own background image.

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  • One column
  • Color + logo + font + background image customization
  • Google Analytics and Disqus support
  • Custom icons and expandable post footer
  • Reblog and like icons
  • Footer text

Inform is a clean theme with bold borders and large text, perfect for sharing the things you love.

A special selection of Google Web Fonts, logo support and adjustable colors make Inform both beautiful and ultra-customizable.

Inform’s expandable post footers includes support for Disqus (commenting), post notes, tags and social networking sharing buttons.

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  • Classic one column
  • Customize colors and background image
  • Full-featured footer, supporting custom HTML widgets
  • Tags on homepage (optional)
  • Mobile-ready

Footnote is the perfect theme for writers and publishing.

Its premium design includes page-like separation of posts, soft rounded images and customizable bold colors. A full-featured footer lets you add and remove widgets, as well as supporting your own custom HTML.

This light-weight theme boasts quick-load times, whilst maintaining ultimate Theme Static customizability, from background images, to the navigation background color. Footnote is easy to make yours.

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  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Group blog support
  • Google Analytics and Disqus support
  • Sidebar with custom widgets
  • Linear display or sidebar mode
  • Social network icons
  • Color + background customization
  • Reblog and like buttons

A striking theme that lets your content shine without compromises, including Tumblr integration (like and reblog buttons) and optional infinite scroll.

Editorist has plenty of options for customization including the ability to set the sidebar either beside your posts (default mode) or in a sliding drawer from the header.

Editorist is one of the few themes on Tumblr built with group bloggers in mind—with a featured tags bar, contributors list and post attribution for each contributor.

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Modern Grid

  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Responsive grid works on many device sizes
  • Unique expandable masthead
  • Reblog and like buttons
  • Social network icons
  • Google Analytics and Disqus support
  • Color + header + background + font customization

Modern Grid is a gorgeous grid theme with large color highlights, and an impressive expandable modern masthead that holds information about your Tumblr blog.

Ready for sharing, Modern Grid builds in social network share buttons, plus integrates with Tumblr’s official like and share buttons. Ultra-customizable options are built in for power users including custom colors, backgrounds and even Google Web Font integration.

Modern Grid posts emphasize strong readability with crisp, large text. Posts automatically form a dynamic grid with posts responding to changes in screen sizes—your content looks equally great on a tablet or desktop computer.

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  • Grid layout
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Grayscale photo filter (optional)
  • Simple design
  • Customize colors, images, and more
  • Sidebar mode
  • Hover over posts for reblog, like and permalink

Retrospective is powered with an unobtrusive, pixel-perfect aligned grid plus a choice of either infinite scroll or pagination.

Retrospective’s design is a natural fit for photo blogs. Post permalinks and sharing features are pushed away until the post is hovered over, your content takes center stage.

We’ve built in options to better control your photos. You can hide photo captions from the index page, round images, and even filter photos so they’re grayscale without any software (great for black and white blogs). 

Customization can be found throughout Retrospective for colors, masthead features, as well as a special sidebar mode.

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  • One column
  • Posts in “card” or “full-width” displays
  • Ultra-customizable
  • Footer and header widgets
  • Tumblr like and reblog integration
  • Background full-screen images

Luci is a refreshing theme built for high-resolution content, with a unique lightweight design.

This charming theme includes highly readable text, well-spaced content, and delightful designs for each Tumblr post type.

An array of customization options including color, fonts, images, header and footer widgets makes Luci unique to your Tumblr. Luci also includes a full-width post mode, that makes posts span the entire screen-width, perfect for photography.

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  • Infinite Scroll (optional)
  • Grid
  • Google Analytics support
  • Large cover photo
  • Sidebar mode or large header
  • Reblog and like buttons
  • Social network icons
  • Color + header + background customization

Magazine is a free, modern, full-featured theme for Tumblr with cover-to-cover beauty and sweeping large headers. A must for publishers and Tumblr bloggers alike.

Magazine shines with a beautiful grid display, unique social icons, and Tumblr’s ‘reblog’ and ‘like’ buttons for quick sharing.

There’s no need to turn the page in Magazine. We’ve included optional infinite scroll code that automatically loads the next page when readers reach the end of a page.

We’ve packed this theme with brilliant customization options. Want to change colors? the masthead image? the background image? social network links? Magazine has got you covered. Magazine also includes a unique ‘sidebar mode’ option which completely transforms your theme (pictured).

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  • Custom colors for background, posts and sidebar
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Unique “plus button” displays more information about your blog
  • Social network icons + sharing buttons
  • Responsive design works well on tablets and mobile

Introducing the all-new Sidebar theme with a stunning single column display and a beautiful expandable sidebar.

Posts shine with high resolution imagery and light-weight text, with custom designs for each Tumblr post type.

The sidebar is revamped with an expandable button that holds your site’s description and, optionally, a blogroll, search, and social network links.

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  • Infinite Scroll
  • Grid
  • Google Analytics support
  • Pages, search and portrait
  • Color and font customization
  • Fixed sidebar

Telpher combines a beautiful fixed sidebar and grid layout with the bold use of customizable color and infinite scroll technology. 

The sidebar includes a set of stunning hand-crafted social icons and customization to add and remove elements to your wishes. Plus, posts have options to add Tumblr’s official reblog and like icons with carefully crafted metadata displays.

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Grid Well

  • Grid layout
  • Infinite scroll
  • Social network support
  • Custom post width, colors and images
  • Sidebar support (optional)
  • Reblog and like buttons

Grid Well is a modern grid-based theme with infinite scroll and sidebar support. Designed with an attention to detail, this theme includes large header image support, custom backgrounds and hand-crafted social network icons.

Sharing is made easy with buttons included for reblogging and liking posts. Grid Well includes a featured-packed optional sidebar including sidebar images, featured tags, a description box and search options.

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  • Classic style
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Grid in two or three columns
  • Google Analytics support
  • Two featured tags
  • Pages, search and portrait
  • Color and font customization

Retro is back. Monowidth is a refined grid and monospace font-based Tumblr theme from Theme Static.

Packed with plenty of customization options—including font, colors and featured tags—Monowidth will see you reminiscing of typewriters in no time.

Monowidth has a unique ‘eyeglass’ icon that appears when you hover over posts and links your readers directly to the post.

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  • Ultra-customizable
  • Google Analytics support
  • Sidebar with custom widgets
  • Slim header mode or large header
  • Social network icons
  • Color + header + background + font customization
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Custom alerts

Pliancy is a truly ultra-customizable theme, giving you control over header type, colors, fonts and the unique sidebar items.

Pliancy is a theme designed with content in mind. Let your stories, photos, video and links and more take the centerstage with carefully crafted features for each post type on Tumblr.

Includes optional mobile and high-res image support.

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