• Grid layout
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Grayscale photo filter (optional)
  • Simple design
  • Customize colors, images, and more
  • Sidebar mode
  • Hover over posts for reblog, like and permalink

Retrospective is powered with an unobtrusive, pixel-perfect aligned grid plus a choice of either infinite scroll or pagination.

Retrospective’s design is a natural fit for photo blogs. Post permalinks and sharing features are pushed away until the post is hovered over, your content takes center stage.

We’ve built in options to better control your photos. You can hide photo captions from the index page, round images, and even filter photos so they’re grayscale without any software (great for black and white blogs). 

Customization can be found throughout Retrospective for colors, masthead features, as well as a special sidebar mode.

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